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9 Year Old Boy sneaks through TSA!

So, we have TSA for airports.  You know, the people that cause the long lines and waits to screen your belongings and YOU, if they so choose you fit the description of "suspect".  Well, a nine-year-old boy, on Thursday morning managed to get through airport security WITHOUT a ticket and boarded a Delta flight to Las Vegas, by himself!

At some point during the flight, an adult who was paying attention(FINALLY!) noticed this boy wasn't on their list of unaccompanied minors, so they called police in Las Vegas, who picked him up when they landed. They took him to child protective services, and he was with them all weekend.

No one has an answer yet on how he got to the airport, how he got on the plane without a ticket, or why on earth he wanted to go to Vegas. W
hen Minneapolis police went to his house on Thursday, his parents said they, quote, "hadn't seen much of him today."  TSA of course blamed their mistake on the government shutdown. For another excuse, They also said kids can sometimes pretend they're with other families and slip past.

Security footage shows the boy, before the flight, stealing a bag from the airport carousel, eating a sandwich at a restaurant, telling the server he had to go to the bathroom, then he never came back and left the bag behind.

Source: CBS4 Minnesota

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10/07/2013 10:13AM
9 Year Old Boy sneaks through TSA!
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