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Storm Kellermeier
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front windows are slow moving, passanger side front door handle is broke, driver side back door handle is broke, driver seat is broke, back seat belts lock up and dont move sometimes, brakes make a nocking noise, back shock are going out, air halfway works, you can barely pump gas into the car because it kicks off every few cents, gear shift light doesnt work so at night i have to turn on a flash light to see what gear i am in, some times the car doesn't want to shift into gear and the car cuts out

James Trexler

Chanel Jeff-Love

Matthew Hickey

Christina Gould

John Goebel

Mandy Hancock

Storm Kellermeier

Sean Denison

Krysten Lukesh

Mike Enzenberger

Melody Siron

Dianne South

Theodore & Elizabeth Essex

Krista Hubbard

Omar Shakhwar

Brenda Oetjen

Joseph Suarez

Danny Randolph

Derek Yocum

Kasey Krough

Tim Stanley

Kevin Woodrome

Melinda Rowatt

Melissa Whaley

David Bruenderman

Jean Szidik

Travis Jones

Rebecca Brasel

Jason Mills

John Place

Megan Hankins

Tim Lass

Barbie Hosmon

Sheila Alston

Ronnie Gaston

Lenola Corker

Katrena Sims

Andrew Eubanks

Kelli Brown

Anita Womack

Rafael Velasco
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