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Halloween Decor so scary neighbors call 911! - Video

Alright, so we've all seen some pretty awesome Halloween decorations before.  Whether it was your neighbor's house, that one family member that gets overly into Halloween, or a haunted house - been there, done that - right?

Well THIS GUY - Johnnie Mullin - had some Halloween props that apparently scared his neighbors so badly that they decided to call 911!  Long story short - cops and first responders showed up and spoke with Johnnie, turns out that nothing about his props was illegal or against the law.  

One neighbor, Rebecca Fuentes said: 

"My heart about came out of my chest. I thought ‘Oh my God,'"......."If I think it's real, just think of what a child would think?"
At the time his neighbors called 911, Johnnie only had one brutal decoration outside his home.  Well he was so tickled that they were scared enough to call the police, he then added another body - who apparently met their demise under the tire of his SUV.

For those of you looking to scare the crap out of your neighbors and trick-or-treaters, take notes.  Kudos to this guy!

Source: Gawker and News9

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10/16/2013 11:10AM
Halloween Decor so scary neighbors call 911! - Video
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