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Posts from November 2013

Hollywood Sleaze: Miley Cyrus got ROBBED!
Miley Cyrus got robbed right before her 21st birthday! That's never fun, but she got a pretty awesome gift from daddy, plus a crazyparty to top it off. Check out the details by clicking HERE.
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Hollywood Sleaze: Weekend Movie Wrap Up
Over the weekend The Hunger Games: Catching Fire premiered and made a name for itself at the box office. Made more money opening weekend than any of the twilights! See where it stands in Box office history by clicking here! 
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Hollywood Sleaze: AMA Winners List
TONS of big winners including Taylor Swift, Justin Timberlake, Macklemore and so many more. Click HERE to see the full list of winners!
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Hollywood Sleaze: Justin Bieber Caught on Camera with Prostitute!?
Click here to see the video!
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Hollywood Sleaze: Fans Petition Beyonce to Attend Kimye Wedding
Click here to see the petition!
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