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Train Selfie?? Bad Idea!

The Oxford Dictionary recently added "Selfie" as an official word of the English language.  It's been quite the year for people taking selfies too, Ex: Ellen DeGeneres/Bradley Cooper at the Oscars.  So you want to take a unique selfie?  Beware of WHERE you take that picture/video.

A guy named Jared Michael attempted to take a video selfie by a set of railroad tracks as a train was passing by. Mr. Michael claims to have been at a "safe distance", that distance, must have only been a leg's length away, because he got KICKED IN THE HEAD!  Check out the video below!

Don't be THAT guy/girl.  Let this story be a valuable lesson for where it is appropriate or is not appropriate to take a selfie. Disclaimer: Do not try this at home or on your own time.

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Hilarious Southwest Flight Attendant - Video

So, anybody who has flown understands how mundane the "Safety Instructions" can be.  This Southwest Flight Attendant made the presentation a little more lively for every on board this flight!  

We know the next time youfly, You'll hope to have this AWESOME Flight Attendant on board.  Check it out below.

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Professor gets PUNK'D on April Fools

Most people are up for a great April Fools joke, right?  A group of college students in Grand Rapids, Michigan at Aquinas College may have pulled THE BEST in-school April Foolks prank EVER.

Their favorite macro-economics professor has quite the policy.  Any calls received in his class must be answered on SPEAKERPHONE!  Well....maybe, just maybe, that won't be his policy any more.  Check out the video below.

WARNING: The video starts out VERY loud. Adjust volume accordingly.

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News Reporter gets OWNED by Snowplow

First, the dad who recorded a BUNCH of school kids wiping out on ice.  Now, a new winter weather blooper video.  

Newsreporter Steve Keeley was standing just a bit too close to the road when he was reporting live on scene about the winter weather conditions.  A team of 4 snow plows comes through to clear the road, and what happens next is pretty funny.

It was so scary to those in the newsroom,  that someone let out a HUGE scream.  Click play and enjoy your entertainment for the day.

Philadelphia News, Weather and Sports from WTXF FOX 29

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Before you set fire to the TP in your trees.... *MUST READ*

Blog of the Day sponsored by:
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So, surely as a kid you have either participated in or been a recipient of a home TP'ing.  For those of you who are thinking "What?!?", TP'ing is an act which a group of people(typically juveniles) get together in the middle of the night and throw rolls of toliet paper over homes and in/over trees of a friend....or non-friend, unbenounced to those living in the home.  Ok, now that the explanation is out of the way, on to the story.

Whatever you do....If you have been the target of a TP'ing, DO NOT set the toliet paper on FIRE!! We repeat, DO NOT set the toliet paper on fire.  Unfortunately for a family living in Dora, Alabama they didn't receive this message in time. 

The Crausewell family of Dora, Alabama were TP'ed on Sunday night.  So, of course on Monday morning, Cheryl(the mother) and her son got outside and started to clean up the mess.  They were successful in getting most of it, but were having trouble getting some of the TP out of their tree.  They then SET THE TP ON FIRE, it didn't turn out so well for them.  The fire spread around the yard, to the gas grill's propane tank, and ultimately catching their HOME on fire. Their family home burnt to the ground.

Thankfully for the Crausewell's, the family was unharmed and they have homeowner's insurance, so everything will be ok in the grand scheme of things.  Moral of the story: DON'T SET TP IN YOUR TREES ON FIRE!

Complete Story at Gawker
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